Monday 7 March 2016

Wipe Out....

Hello there!

I thought I had better pop my head in to show that we are still alive!

It all started last week when Hubby came home feeling rough, he did make it into work but felt so ill he came home again, stopping at the doctors on the way, only to find he had.... influenza A. Great!

Next day, Ebi-kun goes off to school as usual, I'm feeling rough so instead of getting stuck into my work, I decide to lie down for a few minutes... 3 hours later I'm running a fever and feeling like a dogs old chew stick.

Off to the Dr I go and yes, the same and whilst I am at the clinic, school call to say Ebi-kun has a fever too so hubby went to pick him up. Needless to say we were all in bed by 6pm and there we basically stayed for 48 hours!

Not much fun being the nursemaid when you feel like a death warmed up zombie yourself.

We pretty much spent the whole week either in bed or on the sofa, feeling very sorry for ourselves. Ebi-kun managed to finish Never Ending Story which has been a monster book for him to read, so at least came out of the week with a smile of his face.

So, we are all back at work/school. And I have a pile of blogging to catch up on! 

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