Saturday 30 April 2016

Nana Fran Survives Her First Week In Japan

Ebi-kun is back at school so we haven't been doing any adventuring - unless you count a trip to the garden centre!

Mom flew on her birthday so we made her a cake for when she arrived...

And she absolutely LOVED the velvety cat purse (not! my mom hates cats, she thinks that they are evil!) We did put a ticket for Cirque Du Soleil inside, so it wasn't all bad! We will be going next week to that, I can't wait, I've been wanting to go for years!

Ebi-kun is still on his architecture kick and so he used Minecraft to design mom a 'she shed' to her specifications. There was quite a bit of umming and ahhing because mom was being picky about the colour of the wood and the style of windows and really, Minecraft doesn't have a lot of options!

Mom has also made a special guest appearance of Ebi-kun eats! You will have to wait for the video to see what 'delight' she had to try, let's just say, it could have been worse! She did accidentally eat some ume-boshi earlier in the week which resulted in Ebi-kun and I collapsing in laughter. We have yet to crack open the natto.

And, she had been getting on down on the wii, probably the most exercise she has done for a long time. Whilst I have been working mom has been pottering around in our yard, which admittedly was a mess - I don't have the gardening gene. It's looking good, I'll share the pics when it is done.

I think we have pretty much worn her out... and she has another 3 weeks to go! Golden week started yesterday so we will be doing some adventuring and travelling around. If you use instagram you can follow us with #nanafraninjapan

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