Wednesday 20 April 2016

This makes me really angry and should make you angry too...

*this training will only be available for a limited time*

Be warned - rant alert...

Do you know what really pees me off?

Life work balance!!

And all the gurus and coaches out there that push it. What a load of old codswallop, as if us moms don't have enough to contend with we are then brainwashed into thinking that yes "We can have it all, balance life, kids and work - oh look at me! It's so easy!"

Tosh, all of it! Makes me so angry.

When I hear balance, I imagine a set of scales, work on once side and family on the other and me in the middle trying to keep them balanced. But what is wrong with this picture is that life isn't like that and what's worse is that if my hands are full with work and family... What about ME!

That might sound selfish but you and I are important too, and need to be figured into the equation. It doesn't matter how perfectly balanced the scales are if me and you are not happy - what is the point?

"Get the life work balance thing down and you will be happy"

Really? I mean REALLY?

I don't believe we can ever create balance because thats not how life or humans work. I prefer to think of it more like the tides, ebbs and flows.

Sometimes we are pulled towards work, whether it be looming deadlines or suddenly extra projects coming in, other times we are pulled towards family, start of the school year, birthdays, family trips. I like to picture myself on a comfy lilo with a tropical cocktail, in my hand as I float from side to the other.

Imagining life as these tides that flow back and forth makes far more sense, it's more calming and more practical!

These tides can be applied through the day as you move from home to work to home again. They also work on a bigger scale through the year, busy periods at work and summer holidays, bigger ebbs and flows.

Of course sometimes you feel like you are being pulled in both directions, work needs your attention as does your family but instead of one side of the scales crashing to the floor you are being pulled thinner, stretching yourself.

The other thing we need to consider... 

Is our energy, this also plays a big role in how we handle things and how much time we need to do something. Somedays we almost bounce out of bed, it feels like we are on fire, checking off items on the to-do list like it's going out of fashion. Then other days we have to peel ourselves out of the bed and making a cuppa needs all the energy we can muster.

This is often linked in with our menstrual cycles as our energy waxes and wanes and can sometime be contributed to certain little people in the house waking us up!

So stop trying balance everything, you know it will end in disaster, and instead float with the tides - *re-reading this it does sound like I have a had a double does of woo-woo juice for breakfast! But I stand by it!

Woo-woo aside you know I am a deeply practical person and believe whole heartedly that we can make our dreams happen if we apply ourselves. I know you want it too so today's training is all about how to do that and WHY you should start today.

Plus there is a super cute PDF for the kids (which will help save your sanity - you need this thing!)

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  1. Thank you for this post! Tides - yes! That makes so much more sense. The balance thing just is not possible and I'm tired of trying for it. You've got so much wisdom and I am thankful for you sharing it. :)

    1. Sorry for ranting! But it does wind me up as it's like us moms are trying to strive for something that's simply not possible!

  2. Though my kids are grown, I know exactly where you're coming from. No such thing as balance when one is doing everything for one's family and at the end of the day, sleep is the only way a woman can have any alone time. Pisses me off. No thoughtfulness or kindness on the other end either. Just take MOM/WIFE for granted and it's utterly SELFISH, SELF-SERVING. Thanks for sharing thoughts I've had for a REAL LONG time and to know others feel the same.

  3. Thank you for your rant. I set asside time to do one of those "balance your life for happiness" things only to waste 20 minutes, because they tell you how amazing life balance is and everything, but you have to pay the reduced only for 2 hour rate of $295 for the 2 week course... Guess what, that's not in the life balance right now and what a let down. I even thought about how to save for the full program. So thank you for the rant and the check back into reality!


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