Tuesday 5 April 2016

We'll be celebrating like it's 1999

Oh yes, there will be fun and laughter and maybe some bum dancing too!

Why you ask?

Well, this week I wrap up the first round of In With A Boom, the mastermind for entrepreneur moms. I have to say I have had a blast, it has been so much fun and seeing these amazing mamas kick ass every day. From dithering in indecision to delegating queens! They rock.

It's always hard when we get to the end of a program, it's like taking off the stabilizers and letting them go, to go faster, achieve more, to fly!

It's not all sad news though because half of the mamas have decided to join again for the next round! Whoop!

If you are interested in kicking butt, achieving your goals and getting further in the next 3 months than you have done in the last 12, then you need to be on the 'First To Know' list.

Those on the list will get first dibs, and since it is limited to 20 places, you will have to be quick!

Click the link to get on the First To Know list

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