Monday 25 April 2016

What can you expect from joining a mastermind?

I think it depends what you join for...

Sometimes it's for the extra accountability, other times it's to get help or to have someone to brainstorm ideas with, to have a second or third pair of eyes on your work. Loads of reasons really, often a combination of them all.

For Kath, she had been spinning her wheels a bit and not managing to move forward, she needed to gain some traction to see if this entrepreneur gig was what she really wanted to do and whether it would actually work for her.

When I started working with Kath, I could see that she:

  1. Loved teaching, it's in her blood, one of life's naturals
  2. Loved learning, like most educators she is constantly learning something new
  3. She loves helping people, she is one of those people you see pop up in groups all the time, sincere, giving advice and sharing her knowledge

The problem was, how should she pull all this together so that she was making enough money?

Kath already had two things set up, teaching people 1:1 on how to use SquareSpace - something she is passionate about and helping people out as a VA (virtual assistant)

Over our 3 months together...

  • She honed in on her offers
  • Cleared out the things she didn't enjoy so she is working in her zone of genius
  • She got super clear on her goals 
  • Started putting herself out there more
  • Raised her prices and took on more clients!

She actually TRIPLED her income over the 3 months!

I know, amazing right?

And as she did all this, I could see her confidence grow, I believe now, she actually believes that she can make a go of this, run her own business on her own terms rather than having to go and get a "job".

I'm so happy to see her finally rockin it!

Kath said that she would love to do a video testimonial for me and as the time got close to launching I hadn't heard back from Kath so I dropped her a line with a little reminder and I got a message back...

"Sorry, I'm too busy and it's all your fault!"

Due to extra client work coming in, she hadn't had time to do it!
But that's great news for her! What a fantastic excuse.
Don't worry, she did manage to squeeze me in, between building landing pages on SquareSpace and setting up social media schedules!

Are you ready to make 2016 your best year ever? Time to make it happen
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