Wednesday 25 May 2016

Want to get visible, visible - on Facebook for free?

Here's the deal! I hang out on facebook a lot, too much if truth be know but that is where I do the majority of my networking and where I meet most of my clients!

But how do I do it?

There is a strategy behind it all, I know, who knew!

So I am going to spill the bean and share all my deepest, darkest secrets on how I manage to get in front of my ideal clients without breaking into the wine money!

Yes, I do this all without spending money on Facebook ads, no fancy software just 30 minutes set up time each week.

I'm not talking about scheduling stuff into hootsuite or similar, this is for building relationships and leveraging your position.

Want in?

Click HERE to sign up. Yes there will be a replay for 48 hours only.

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