Wednesday 22 June 2016

Sweet Potatoes In The Rice Cooker...

Now the weather is getting warmer, OK not warm, really bloody hot, I try not to use the oven so much because that just doubles the heat inside! So I want to share a trick that I learned from Kirstin. Cooking sweet potatoes in the rice cooker!

I know, who knew!

My rice cooker is tiny, it can only cook 3 cups of rice in one go, so if I have small sweet potatoes I just top and tail them and poke the skin with a sharp knife a couple of times.

But more often that not, the sweet potatoes won't fit in the rice cooker pan, so instead I slice the, into 2cm rounds.

Add about 2cm of water to the bottom of the pan, then stack the slices so there is space between them. Pop the pan in the machine and press go. I just use the normal setting, I have to admit, the rice cooker is very basic and doesn't have programs for fancy stuff.

Every time I have done this the potatoes have been soft, moist and fluffy to eat, unlike when  bake them, they sometimes come out dry. If you haven't tried this yet, go for it!

I hear it is possible to do cake in there too... another adventure awaits!

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