Tuesday 5 July 2016

A day to remember - reunion of old friends

As  you know, I'm part of a bilingual playgroup and Ebi-kun joined when he was just 6 weeks old, he has grown up with these kids and it's great that when ever we get together they just get on with it and go and play. There are never any fights or arguments, they all get on great!

This was a picture I took of them a few year ago, they all look so cute and little!

And here they are now, we had one kids missing as he is off in Portugal playing football for Urawa Reds Jrs and we had an extra couple in this time (the boys in red). Ebi-kun really hit it off with the older of the brothers and wanted to play with him again but sadly they are visiting from the States and were heading off to Osaka. We are going to see about setting them up on skype!

Of course we couldn't let all the kids have all the fun!

As the kids alternated from playing outside then coming in to cool off, the dads played music...

Ate cheese!

By using a blow torch on it!

We did let the kids eat too, we're not that mean, although I think most of them missed out on the blow torch cheese! Too bad!

And yes, there were cocktails, lots of cocktails. Although I stuck to the wine, the next day was really hot and not the best weather to recover from a hangover!

So yes, a good day was had by all, the kids were all exhausted and the adults (most of them) drunk!

Looking for ward to the next event!

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