Friday 1 July 2016

Be The Change...

As you know, I am a Brit and last weeks referendum has made somewhat of a mess of things. I was in the remain camp, I believe in a world where we work together, building each other up and helping each other out. Sadly the Leave camp don't seem to think like that.

As the week has progressed more and more reports of racism and racial/religious assaults are being reported which makes me sick to the stomach. I worry about my 'non white' friends, many of which are British born and bred, they are second or third generation immigrants, and also all those who have moved to the UK for work. You know, respected, hard working contributors to the countries infrastructure.

Yes, I know this is opening a can of worms, and there are those who think Britain should be just for white folk but we have to get real here, unless the country is ruled by some nazi dictator that will never happen. We are a melting pot country and have been for a long time. 

Plus the immigration issue was never going to be "fixed" whether we stay or go, at the end of the day it was an excuse for easy votes.

My child is of mixed race too, we go back to the UK every year, I don't want him to be a target or to have to witness this kind of disgusting behaviour. And yes, it worries me travelling back this year, I'm not really sure what to expect.

Although I can't do much from the other side of the world, I will stand up for anyone who is being racial abused, I won't tolerate racist comments from 'friends' on social media and I will make every effort to teach my son that we are all human and we need to treat people the way we want to be treated.*

I want to see greater tolerance and understanding and I believe that us parents can help with that by talking about the issues and standing up for what is right, our kids need an example, a good example to follow.

*My exception to the rule, because we all need an exception is Donald Trump and Nigel Farage and anyone else who incites hate.

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