Monday 25 July 2016

Does your kid struggle with health issues?

My friend Jess is a naturapath and she really knows what she is doing when it comes to getting kids on a healthy eating path. As I'm sure you are aware, a lot of 'modern' foods can cause problems with our health along with food intolerance's and allergies.

Jess runs a great program Natural Super Kids which will help you figure out what is causing the problems and how to get your kids eating the right things so that they stay healthy and strong.

She also has some great ways to help you get over food battles when it comes to fussy kids. As you know, I have never had this problem with Ebi-kun (the opposite in fact!) but I do have friends that have signed up for her program and had great results.

Not only sick and fussy kids... she helps parents work out what foods are triggering behaviour problems too, I'm telling you, she is a wonder woman! So if you kids have melt downs over what seems to be nothing or go from reasonable and calm to bat-shit crazy in next to no time, she will help you work that out.

I know, sounds too goo to be true right? I have done her program as a beta tester and Ebi-kun enjoyed watching her videos too and she has a great FB group where you can go and ask questions and share your wins. 

If you are interested it enrollment is open for a few more days Click HERE to find out more.

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