Thursday 18 August 2016

Euro tour 2016 - Vienna to Zurich

[Aug 8th]

This was the only part of the whole trip where we had any problems. When I was booking the tickets online, I couldn't get seats for the normal section of the train but it was only 20 euro more to upgrade to first class (on an 8 hour journey) and Ebi-kun went free anyway. So I upgraded but in the booking process didn't realise that I needed to reserve a seat too!

Anyway, we ended up without seats, the conductor was a right grumpy git and told us there was only one seat available. Luckily there was a nice chap who helped us out, showed us the seats we could use, so really we only needed to share a seat to Salzburg, so for about 45 minutes, the rest of the time we sat apart. After Salzburg we could move to seats together.

The train had wifi too so we managed to Facetime daddy which was fun! Apart from that hiccup, all went well. Kirsty had packed us off with a big packed lunch to keep us going! The best thing about the trip though was the scenery, it was absolutely stunning, the weather was beautiful too.

It was quite tricky trying to get a decent photo though, it was 100 times more beautiful in real life!

The second hiccup happened when we arrived in Zurich, the hotel I had booked was, according to google 4 minutes walk from the station. I stopped to pick up a map of the city in the tourist office and asked for directions, she sent us up the wrong road. 

10 minutes up a hill I decided it can't be right and asked a mom with a pushchair for help. She got her phone out and pointed us in the right direction, as we parted ways she said "Have a lovely holiday" and I replied "You too!" - classic, what an idiot moment, she was obviously a local!

We finally checked in and dumped the bags then went into town for dinner. I really should have researched this a bit better, we ended up having a just about average meal at bank breaking prices!

We picked a local dish which was basically macaroni with cheese on top and apple sauce on the side, it was so-so.

We had a bit of a wander and headed back to the hotel, it's a pretty city but feels more hustle and bustle compared to Vienna.

Tomorrow we conquer Liechtenstein....

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