Friday 9 September 2016

Cotebrooke Shire Horse Working Farm

[Aug 18th]

We decided to have a drive out to Cotebrooke Farm, although it's not that far away (if you ignore the daft instructions from the sat-nav!) we have never been there before. By the time we got there is was coming up for lunch time so we started with lunch, a good old fashioned ploughmans! nom, nom.

Then we hung around so that we could listen to the talk given by the staff. If you go, do make a point to listed, you will learn so much - you might have some explaining to do about things like freezing sperm! Corebrookes champion sire died earlier in the year but they froze his sperm so that they can still breed from him, they have a mare in foal with one of his at the moment.

Also, pick up the quiz sheet when you pay to go in, we actually learned a lot just from going through the quiz. There is abrn with all kinds of info and hands on things to try, like plaiting a tail...

And you get to see how enormous these shire horses actually are! Ebi-kun is almost fell pony height!

This is a 2 year old who is already winning championships! It is a working farm not a petting farm so keep it in mind when you visit. 

There is a path to walk down to the fields and around the area, not only are there the shires, they have a couple of cute ponies and red deer too. 

There is an area that they have planted to encourage new wild-life, you can see the badger set and they have pens with various animals like theses crazy otters. They were hanging on the fence waiting to be fed and every time someone in a blue shirt walked by they would run up and down screaming, so funny (The staff wear blue).

"Feed me, feed me now!"

There is space to have a picnic and the cafe is a good size too, bit busy in here though...

Ebi-kun wanted to sneak this one into his bag! Such a cutie, I would have loved to take him home, just a couple of months old. Other than stroking the horses that were stabled there isn't really any animal petting. They do have a piglet race each day, which we missed but we could hear it!
I think it would be a great day out for most families! I'm sure we'll be going back sometime.

For more info about the farm click here: Cotebrooke Shire Horses

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