Thursday 29 September 2016

Let's Teach Mastery

I am already a Sal Khan fan, if you don't know who he is, he set up Khan Academy, an online learning space where kids (and adults) can learn maths for free.

Well, initially it was just math but there are many other subjects up there now too.

The thing I LOVE about Khan academy is that it works on a solid foundation rule, as you progress through the program onto more difficult levels, it is impossible to skip ahead, which, if you did, it would leave holes in your knowledge. It lays a good foundation to build on.

Unfortunately, this isn't what happens at school. Unless you are a student who never misses a day and gets straight 100% in everything then you are going to have holes. Because the school has a curriculum to keep to and standardised tests, one the test is taken and the scores noted, the class moves on. No matter how many holes the kids have in their knowledge.

The system that Sal talks about in this video could very well be a Montessori class, kids learning at their own pace, mastering a task before moving onto the next level, embracing the subjects that they are drawn to and exploring them in as much detail as their heart desires.

I do so wish I had been able to be educated in such a system.

Sal's academy is online HERE and available to anyone with an internet connection. They are funded by sponsorship and donations (I donate every month, it is a cause I truly believe in) and I hope, like Sal that we can change the antiquated Victorian education system that most of the world is using, into a Mastery system instead.

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