Wednesday 19 October 2016

Tree Top Adventure in Niigata

This has taken me a while to get up because I wanted to post the video too, I had put it together on my laptop which then decided it didn't want to play nice - gah!

Anyway... we had a three day holiday a couple of weekends back and decided to go and try out the Forest Adventure place. This is actually at the ski resort Yuzawa Nakazato that we usually go to in the winter.

Part of it is the adventure Forest and over on the other side, a golf course.

When you arrive they give you a briefing about the equipment and then you go to a small area to try out everything before you go up to the real trees as it were. I'm not sure why but the boys made me go first!

This was OK until we got to the bit where we did the Tarzan swing, up until that point I was in control of my body and could stop if my back was hurting (it still wasn't 100% after throwing it out) so I decided the Tarzan swing was pushing it and I didn't want to end up in further pain, so I had to back track on that bit!

There are several courses, getting higher and more difficult each time. It wasn't until we had finished that DH admitted how scared he was! Heights don't bother me particularly and I did lots of climbing as a teen so the equipment was kind of second nature.

Ebi-kun did really well, he isn't a fan of heights but he just go on with it. Each course ended with a zip line, each one getting longer, it was lots of fun.

Watch the video for the full effect, I don't have a go-pro, just an iphone!

If you want to go yourself, this is the place Forest Adventure - it's recommended that you make a reservation before you go and there are rules for height/age for kids, so check those out too. The train station is a few minutes from the Forest Adventure Check In but they don't run very frequently.

We stayed over at the B&B I blogged about here, the owners are lovely and speak basic English, The food is great and if you have dietary requirements just let them know beforehand. We usually spend our New years up there and go to the ski resort several times over the winter season.

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