Sunday 23 October 2016

You Have To Go To The Monster Cafe

Ebi-kun and I decided to go for a mooch around Harajuku the other day, he has never really been which is ridiculous since he is 11 and lives just over an hour away - it's only right that he understands why the rest of the world thing that the Japanese are a little bit mad!

I asked around for somewhere cool to go for lunch and one of the suggestions was the Kawaii Monster Cafe - I googled it and clicking through to the website was enough for me to be convinced we needed to visit.

We arrived about midday and expected a long wait but we were the first in line and just had to wait 5 minutes or so whilst they finished the show. I'll post a video at the bottom to show how truely crazy the place was!

Have a guess what this is....
It's the sink in the bathroom!

As you can see it's somewhat like Willy-Wonkers Chocolate Factory inside, completely over the top! Brilliant! It is a total sensory overload - the music is quite load and you have a feeling of chaos in there.

The menu is bought to you on an ipad, took us a while to realise that you can order through the ipad, you call the waitress over! Most of the staff spoke English at some level and it was packed with non-Japanese.

We went for the fries with dips - which were not as we expected them to be, Blue - sour cream, orange - cheese, green - wasabi, yellow - mustard, red - salsa.

Ebi-kun had an interesting drink which came with two test tubes, you had to pour the contents into the glass but in a specific order...

We also ordered chicken in chocolate sauce, which I admit sounds pretty grim but it was absolutely delicious!

And we had a "candy salad" not candy inside, it was a noraml healthy salad! We shared the dishes and it just about did us, we decided to get desert somewhere else a bit later. The food and drinks were all lovely, price was pretty standard but you do have to pay a seating charge of ¥500 per person, which pushes the price up.

We were also stung at the end, the staff do a show on the carousel then at the end they invite you up for photos. I didn't see the sign until it was too late... you have to pay ¥500 for the pleasure and you get a jelly lolly to help soften the blow - learn from my mistake!

All in all it was a good laugh, not somewhere we would go more than once unless we were taking friends. It's worth a visit for sure. As you leave there is also a small shop so you can buy souvenirs too.

This is the website, it's worth going to check it out!

And the video, it's a bit mad!

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