Thursday 3 November 2016

Halloween Party 2016

Ohhh my favourite time of year, not because I love zombies and the such like, (this is the person who hasn't yet made it through more than 3 minutes of the walking dead!) No, it's the artistic side that I love, the creating and trying to make things look realistic in a gruesome sort of way. Does that make me weird?

This year we all dressed as Japanese ghosts/monsters. Ebi-kun went for Sakado from the Japanese horror film, The Ring - and NOOOOO he hasn't watched it but he knows who she is!

I went for kuchi no ona - the woman with a ripped mouth. I had so much fun doing this, I need more practice with liquid latex though, I did have flappy latex syndrome and I'm not sure why. I will have to brush up my skills for next year!

And daddy made his own costume and was the One Eyed monster, her is was caught eating giant ants.

I'll be sharing some food tutorials with you, as always, here is a sneak peep... Jason tucking in, it's hungry work being a serial killer!

We didn't have so many families this year but everyone came dressed up which is fun and now a lot of places in the neighbourhood do the trick or treating, so much fun for the kids!

The local cake shop goes all out and all the staff dress up too, I loved Porko Rosso this year!

I'm not entirely sure what this fella was up to, he wasn't giving anything else just pretending to sprinkle something on the kids, which was actually which un-nerving, certainly made me laugh though.

Possibly the scariest costume... Donald Trump!

The two older lads in the group decided that they are too big to trick n tear now so they were handing out the goodies instead.

Ebi-kuns game this year, of course included eating! He has 6 bowls with mystery foods in each one. The kids had to roll a dice then pick something from the matching bowl number. The challenge was to eat the mystery food without pulling their face. If they did it, they got a treat and if not a trick. The tick meant putting their hand in a pack of cooked spaghetti to find a treat. 

It was revolting but they kept coming back for more!

Where's Wally (Waldo) 'enjoying' the BBQ lamb caramel that Ebi-kun tried for one of his taste tests.

Jennifer had baked mini cup cakes and got the kids to decorate themselves - smart move there! Needless to say they all got demolished!

All in all another great Halloween party wrapped!
I'll be back later with tutorials for some suitably revolting food, so that you can start planning for next year!

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