Monday 7 November 2016

Turn Photos into a book straight from your phone and get the first one free

Get A Free Printed Photobook

This ad for Chatbooks was posted in one of my biz groups the other day - it's great marketing and the ad really hits all the pain points. Although I love making photo books, it takes me forever because I get picky about the positions and editing side. Needless to say, I stopped making them.

But then I came across Chatbooks and I'm in LOVE! Just look...

Anyway, the regular cost of this is just $8 AND they ship to Japan at a reasonable rate, I don't need to sell a kidney! Watch the video, it's highly entertaining then click the link below to get your book for free.

How It Works:

You download the free app. then go to your photos on your phone and 'favourite' up to 60 pictures. Once you give the app permission to view your photos it will sync and then through the app you can edit the book.

It's very basic, so if you need the actual photo editing, do it on your phone beforehand.

It will pull through the date, location (if you have that turned on for your photos, I don't) and the caption. You can turn all these on or off and edit the captions.

Then you just add your address and payment details and you'r done.

WAIT - so there is this automatic feature. Every time you fill your favourites with another 60 images, it will automatically be made into a book. Making the whole process really easy.

You get the chance to edit it so you don't end up with a photo book of random things like cafe wifi passwords, school schedules and kids nostril shots!

If you sign up, when you set up the payment option use this link and you will get the book free, if you are outside of the US there will be a shipping fee. I paid $2 to Japan! Do check if they ship to your country as not all are listed yet.

Here is a walk through of how to do it... super simple! Excuse my crazy-ass hair, I am going to get it wrangled at the weekend!

Use THIS LINK and get your book ordered BEFORE November 15th and you get the first book FREE! (full disclosure I will get a free book too!) Just follow the instructions when you click through.

Currently, international shipping is available for orders headed to: Canada, Australia, Japan, Italy, Spain, Germany, Portugal, Brazil, Mexico, France, The UK, and New Zealand .

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