Sunday 27 November 2016

Why Japan is my favourite place in autumn

Japan is beautiful in the autumn. The days are cool, the skies are blue and the scenery is stunning.

We live close to a temple building that has the most stunning ginkgo tree, each year I have to pop over just to enjoy the gorgeous gold, it truly is a magnificent tree.

I think this tree is so impressive partly because whom ever keeps the grounds don't sweep up the leaves immediately, maybe they appreciate the beauty of the leaves making a golden carpet too!

I'm not sure what the format of this post is going to be like, so bare with me if things are looking a bit funky.

I'm experimenting with blogging directly from my phone. I've been slipping with blogging regularly so I'm trying to make the whole process more efficient!

Let me know if you hate it or it looks weird or funky for you!

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  1. Gorgeous tree. And the blog looks fine. Beautiful big photos and the text is all where it should be.


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