Monday 26 December 2016

Celebrating The Emperors Birthday

Any excuse for a party if you ask me!

We had a few friends round for a Christmas party, these days it's quite a feat to get everyone together, now that the kids have so many different clubs and activities going on!

The best thing is we always end up with a great spread of food, the not so great thing is that the kids seem to inhale it!

I didn't have much time so Ebi-kun and I made melted snowmen cookies (well decorated store bought cookies!) and a Yule log, again store bought Swiss rolls and homemade butter cream frosting. Very quick and easy to rustle up!

All topped off with Jacks cocktails, which didn't seem that strong but in hindsight they were very well disguised!

It was a great day, fun way to bring the end of the year to a close!

Having a national holiday so close to Christmas is a great excuse for us to get together especially as Christmas isn't actually a holiday here- thankfully the 24th was a Saturday- so we had time to nurse our hangovers!!

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