Tuesday 30 May 2017

OKINAWA Day 5 - Ishigaki Island - Kabina Bay, Sukuji Beach and Fusaki Beach

We woke up to heavy rain - gah! We had breakfast then spend a couple of hours just lolling around, reading, writing and generally chilling.

We decided as the rain cleared up a bit, to take a drive up to Kabina bay. It is supposed to be beautiful and the bay has sea in 7 shades of blue. By the time we got there the rain had stopped so we found a place to park and went for a look at the bay. The sky was a bit grey so it wasn't as impressive as I expected. These are the after lunch photos, when the sun had come out...

We had parked in a cafe's carpark so we decided to have some lunch then decide what to do next. We had Okinawa Soba which is not made of soba noodles, rather confusingly, instead the noodles are made from egg and flour. This was my favourite noodle dish that we had on the trip, it was with spare ribs that were so tender the meat just fell off the bone. Plus we had a table over looking the bay.

The cafe is around the back or front, depending how you look at it of the Ryukyu pearl shop which specialises in black pearls - worth a look but bring plenty of money if you plan to buy some!

By the time we had finished the sun had come out so we had another look at the bay from the view point, it really is stunning! The boats are glass bottomed and you can take a ride out into the bay. We didn't try but from the looks of the faces of the Chinese tourists that we saw get off, it looked good!

The bay has strong under currents so there is no swimming allowed.

We thought we would try giving Sukuji beach a go. We got there and it wasn't busy at all, I think this was one of the most surprising things for me. No where seemed to be busy, it was always my impression that going to Okinawa in Golden Week would mean fighting with the crowds but it wasn't like that at all.

Anyway, we didn't stay at this beach because there was a sign up saying that the jelly fish nets were not out because they were being checked. Ebi-kun has had a couple of run ins with jelly fish before so he didn't want to try his luck! We decided to go back to out hotel and use Fusaki beach instead.

To get onto this beach you have to walk through the hotel lobby, head to the back right and a door will bring you onto a path, follow it round to get to the beach. There is also a small conbini at at the back of the lobby, we didn't spot this until we went to the beach.

You can rent chairs and parasols, snorkels, fins, floats etc. Take banana inflatable rides and there is a pool - the usual resort stuff. We actually rented snorkels for the guys from our hotel which is a dive tour place too. Some kind of water shoe is recommended, the beach is made of broken coral not sand.

There are a couple of places you can swim out to to see the coral, we managed to find Nemo and saw lots of other fish. near the beach there were some big white fish that Ebi-kun was trying to catch, it was funny watching him in action!

After wearing ourselves out we went and got cleaned up. We needed to find an ATM so we drove into the port town to get some dinner then dropped at the combini on the way back. What a long day!

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