Thursday 27 July 2017

And we have landed...

I know, I know, I haven't been around much recently.

It all comes down to priorities and lack of time. I had to decide where to spend my time the last few weeks and unfortunately, the blog got pushed to the bottom of the list.

But... we are now in the UK for a month so I am hoping to catch up!

We have a pretty quiet start to the trip, we were hoping to go to Nantwich Show today to sample a bit of cheese - they had 5000 kinds of cheese on show!! I have been dreaming about this but we woke up to heavy rain. So we have had a day at home just dossing around and watching TV - proper holiday sort of stuff!

We had an early birthday with daddy before we left, this kid seems to drag his birthday out for weeks! He had a super simple baseball ball cake which I whipped up in about 10 minutes - store bought cake sponge - a shocker but it was that or nothing!

How can he nearly be 12?

He had a couple of presents early too, his main gift was a clip mic for his Ebi-kun eats show, it's something we have been thinking about for a while! He was made up with that.

And baseball is all the craze at the moment so Baa-chan and Jii-chan got him a baseball mitt. He couldn't wait to get outside with his mates to play with it!

His actual birthday we are having the cousins over for a bit of a party and of course he wants to go to Jamie's Italian - which gives me an excuse to go and have a mooch around the shops in Manchester too!

We are going to be spending some time down in Brighton and then popping over to Iceland for a few days, so that will give me a good excuse to write more often!

So stay tuned....

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