Wednesday 2 August 2017

Besties in Brighton...


It was back to Brighton to see my bestie, Di. Luckily the boys get on really well and both of them were really excited to see each other again. They are both football mad which is great so we just leave them to it!

And of course it was a good to catch up with a glass of wine and a good natter. When we arrived it was raining cats and dogs so we were all soaked by the time we go to the house, luckily the weather picked up for the rest of the week and I even had to crack open the sun cream.

The boys were a bit put out that they couldn't play football outside so they ended up playing on the wii instead. I think with them both being only kids they enjoy having a "brother" for a few days. Ebi-kun is really good with younger kids and Ry looks up to him.

We just chilled for the rest of the day, ready for the adventures ahead...

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