Sunday 27 August 2017

New Hair, Don't Care

[Aug 15th]
Ebi-kuns first trip to an English barbershop.

He usually goes to the ¥1000 barbers, it's quick and easy. Obviously, I have never been to have my hair done at a barber so I had no idea what to ask for, so he took a picture of Ronaldo and asked to have it done like that.

There were 3 guys working, the first was super quick and did 4 people whilst we were waiting but all the blokes left with the same cut. The second bloke was slower but obviously went to the same school of hairdressing!

The third bloke was taking his time and looked like he was actually styling the hair properly so we crossed our fingers that we would get him! The Big U answered and Ebi-kun was happy with the final result...

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