Friday 11 August 2017

Videy Island, The Cathedral and Shopping

Our last full day, the time seemed to fly by in some respects but we seemed to get a lot done in such a short time! 

Now I know I swore that I was never getting on a boat again but... I bought the wrong bus ticket and it turned out that the ferry to Videy Island was included in the ticket price. I think the Hop On, Hop Off would have better value for money, never mind!

Our first challenge was finding a bus that was going to the ferry stop, we had no bus map and no idea of the number, luckily almost everyone speaks English so we found the right one.

The ferry takes about 10 minutes and even though the sea was a bit choppy, the ride was OK.

videy island iceland jojoebi

The ferry stop had free maps for the island, and when you land you can wander wherever the mood takes you.

We followed the path around and checked out some of the points of interest.

videy island iceland jojoebi

Ebi-kun guessing which was home is!

videy island iceland jojoebi

In the 30's and 40's there was a small village on the island and the foundations of many of the homes are still there, in front of each one is the information about the home and who lived there. I have to say, it looked like a hard life for all of them!

The old school house has been restored and is open for you to go in and look around, it also has a toilet - good to know! It looks like they also hold classes or training in there sometimes.

videy island iceland jojoebi

We did one end of the Island then decided to get some lunch, there is only one place to eat, it's lovely but, like all the meals out, expensive! It is the oldest existing stone built building in Iceland and you can have a poke around the place, I think they also have functions there these days.

videy island iceland jojoebi

Ebi-kun really wanted to try some fresh Icelandic fish, so he had the catch of the day, it looked lovely and that is coming from me, who doesn't eat fish! I stuck with the veggie soup and we both had rhubarb lemonade, which was lovely.

videy island iceland jojoebi

We decided we didn't want to spend all day on the island and the ferry only runs once an hour, so we had a quick look at Yoko Ono's Peace Tower then went to catch the boat and bus back to town. 

videy island iceland jojoebi

We decided to walk up to the Cathedral which is on the top of the hill overlooking Reykjavik. It's quite an imposing building, very modern looking inside but still very fitting for the place I thought.

Reykjavik iceland jojoebi

After a poke around the Cathedral, we decided we couldn't be bothered to go up the tower! We headed into town to do some shopping. My aunt had given Ebi-kun ISK4000 to spend and there was no point in bringing it home with us, so he was on a mission to spend it all.

Fortunately, he decided Troll Snot wasn't worth the money...

Reykjavik iceland jojoebi

We did eventually manage to empty his wallet! After going into almost every shop in the city! The city centre is pretty much all tourist shops, I'm not sure where the locals go shopping! It is a very pretty town centre!

Reykjavik iceland jojoebi

We finished off with an Icelandic Hot Dog, we heard that they were the best in the world, we were thinking of doing an Ebi-kun Eats but to be honest we were both shattered and we just wanted to eat. The hot dogs were OK, nothing special and would have made for a pretty dull episode!

Just as we were heading home, we spotted the Icelandic Punk Museum, I would have loved to have gone in but it was getting later and we needed to be up at 3.45am the next day.

punk museum Reykjavik iceland jojoebi

I didn't actually get much sleep because I was worried I would sleep through the alarm - I don't know why I have NEVER slept through an alarm! We had everything packed so it was just a matter of getting up and leaving, it was already pretty light which helped wake us up.

The journey back was long because we flew into Gatwick and then had to cath a train to London and then onto Congleton via Stoke, a very long day! But it was totally worth it, Iceland was amazing and if you get the chance to go, do it!

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