Saturday, 19 May 2007


BabyEbi prepares his own snacks, well some of them, and so his routine is...

  • to tidy away what he has been playing/working with 
  • wash his hands
  • get out his placemat 
  • get out his plate, fork, knife and chopping board
  • I get his food out as he can't reach the fridge
  • prepares the food (peels and chops a banana, cream cheese and crackers etc) and puts them on the plate
  • takes the plate to the table
  • comes back to get his drink and then he eats his snack.
  • When he is finished he puts everything away.

Initially I gave him a small placemat and just drew with a marker where to put his plate and cup but I have actually got round to embroidering him a mat and he loves it. I will have to make one without the fork bit since he insisted on trying to eat cheese and crackers with a fork the other day!

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