Wednesday, 27 June 2007


Look what I found! Some cute, cute mini work tools.
I really have to dig the sewing machine out to make the sound pouches. I am up to my eyes in sandpaper letters at the moment, I have managed to do half of them so far, and they are looking GOOD. I will do a write up on how I made them once they are finished.
The in-laws are coming the weekend after next so I really need to have a major clean up. pert of me is thinking, why do any this week? Just have a major muck out next week, the other half thinks I should start now since MIL is a bit of a neat freak!
I went to the ¥100 yen shop today and got some bits and pieces to make some more activities for BabyEbi, I have some good stuff lined up, but more about that once I have taken the photos.

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