Saturday, 28 July 2007

choo choo - the birthday train

We had a couple of friends over today for a mini party since they can't make it to BabyEbi's birthday bash tomorrow. I really wanted to throw a party at home but our pad is just not big enough, it was a bit of a squash with just 3 kids and 3 adults! BabyEbi is train mad so we got him a wooden train set for his birthday and let him open it today and I got a bit carried away with the train theme when it came to lunch.

From the steam engine we have the following....cheese & pineapple on sticks, baked garlic chicken, eda-mame and taco weiners, pasta salad and cheese and ham butties in the last 2 trucks.

SO, he had a steam train cake, very chocolatey with trucks full of goodies. I made the trucks from milk cartons and drew a big track on the "tablecloth" with stations for the placemats as such. It was all done a bit slapdash sine BabyEbi was sick over the last couple of days, high fever and sticking to me like leech, so I wasn't able to get anything done. His fever has broken but he is still a bit whingy.
We also hung a load of looooong balloons for the kids to pull down and then had fun trying to make animals out of them, rather obscure animals it seems.....

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