Tuesday, 28 August 2007

not sewing

I had planned to get started with the next MAJOR project tonight but as I was putting BabyEbi down for the night I could here an announcement outside. It wasn't the usual city hall one telling you that Suzuki-San age 87 went out to the pub last night and hasn't returned home yet, if anyone knows his where-abouts please call XXX (usually there is another announcement an hour or so later to say that Susuki-San has been found) (usually found asleep on a park bench)
Anyway, back to my story, it was a clear announcement but my Japanese isn't very good so I stuck my head out of the balcony window and there was the problem - the neighbours house was engulfed in flames. We are on the 3rd floor so I had a good view, the house is 4 doors down so we were not in danger but pretty scary, non the less.
It looks like the house will be just a shell by the time it is put out. I don't actually know the people there but I feel so sorry for them, I hope no-one was inside, has made me feel quite sick to the stomach. The houses in Japan are usually made of wood and built VERY close together, especially old buildings, I could see the firefighters soaking the house next door to prevent it from catching fire too. As an offence, arson is equal to murder. When I lived up north, in an old community, there was a guy who walked the streets every night banging two bits of wood together and reminding everyone of the dangers of fire, of course I had been there about a year before I found out what he was going on about.
Needless to say it has put me right off the idea of sewing, Instead I think I will have a cold beer.

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