Wednesday 29 August 2007

Keeping up the Montessori side of things

It has been a hectic few weeks, this week especially but I have tried to keep some time on one side to work with BabyEbi, lovely as he is, he isn't really of much use when if come to packing, as I put things in the box he is taking them out!
I moved one of his shelves into the tatami room since the back room is now the packed box room and kept some of his favourite things on it.
(click on the image to enlarge it, not the best quality becuase I used my phone camera, sorry!)

The latest edition is the counting basket. He has recently taken to counting everything, I don't have a spindle box yet so I used a basket that I got in a swap with Meg and put 10 similar objects in it, each time he has had it out I swap the contents. I think at the moment it has 10 blue seahorses, we also have 10 mini apples, 10 raspberries, 10 mini pegs, 10 shells... keeps him on his toes, he never knows what will be in there next. His counting is getting better, he almost always gets to 10 without missing number 5 now.

My plan is to pack the shelf up last then unpack it ASAP at the other end and find it a home to try and make the transition as easy as possible.


  1. Lovely shelf! I would suggest to keep PL things together, as well as sens, lang, math, etc., so for instance the spooning and the pouring would be on the same shelf, spooning first because it's easier. As far as numbers, he won't really be ready as far as understanding of number for awhile (generally 3.5 or so) Even though he can count, the actual understanding might not be there. Are you planning to get Number Rods? You can get some very nice small ones, the ten is about 20cm long I think. I use them after the big ones, but they may suit your environment better. I don't give the lesson until they have mastered the Pink Tower, BS and RR, about age 3.5 to 4. Then the Spindle Boxes after the intial understanding of quantity through the fixed number rods.

  2. I have bought the wood to make the number rods and red rods but haven't got round to making them yet (well haven't managed to get hubby to cut them to size for me).
    I don't usually have the shelf set up like this, I try to keep everything in it's own section, language, practical life etc. The things on this shelf are the ones he is interested in at the moment so I kept them out and packed the rest up, I also left his Lego out, his book shelf and of course his drawing board. I'm looking forward to setting everything up at the other end, we should have a bit more space to play with.


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