Friday, 3 August 2007

Phonic Sound Pouches

I have finally finished the pouches. Like everything I ummed and aghhed before deciding which route to take. I decided that I would hand sew them, since getting the machine out is too much hassle and we do have such a love/hate relationship, I thought sewing 26 bags might be pushing it! So, I bought 2m of white felt, a couple packs of variety buttons and the rest of the stuff is out of my crafting supplies. Each envelope is 300mm x190mm, that is about where the continuity ends. Initially I thought I would use a button to repressed each letter apple for a, bee for b etc. but I soon came to my senses and dropped that idea. I sewed each pouch, one at a time and picked the thread/button/decoration depending on my whim at the time. I admit some are a little wonky due to a wee bit too much wine! The letters are iron on felt done in the same Montessori felt as the sandpaper letters.
It took me about 4 weeks to get them all done but I quite enjoyed them, I haven't done any hand sewing for ages.
I have put up a couple of pics on here but you can se the whole lot and what is inside on Flickr here.
I need some inspiration for letters n, i, q, u, v, y and z. If anyone has any ideas please let me know.
I got some of the little objects from swaps set up by Meg on Montessori By Hand or from friends and family plus a box that I bought 2nd hand. Some are crappy plastic things that I would like to replace, if there is anyone else making these bags that is interested in doing a swap, let me know.

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