Monday 6 August 2007

How to make the sound pouches

Firstly, I have to say thank you to everyone who has left lovely messages and sent me emails, and all the inspiring minatures ideas. I apologise if I haven't got round to replying personally yet. It is all a bit hectic here at the moment, hubby left for Thailand at 5am this morning and I have secret items to make for my best mates hen night, which I have to finish this week before we start packing for the house move.

I apologise again for the pictures, I just used a piece of origami paper and drew on the stitching but hopefully you will get the idea.

You will need....

2m of felt
26 buttons
3mm thick elastic
coloured thread
scraps of felt for decoration

cut each pouch out, 19cm x 33cm, measure 12cm from the bottom and fold.

Using a pretty coloured thred, sew up the right side

Don't finish off the thread, turn the pouch over and cut a nice edge for the flap (I did mine all freehand)

Sew along the edge of the flap

turn it over again and sew down the lefthand side.

sew on a cute button

Cut a piece of elastic long enough to make a hoop to fit over the button, sew the ends onto the flap of the pouch. I used elastic because it is easier for BabyEbi to open by himself.

Use some felt scraps to make a decoration - which covers up the elastic end, so just the elastic hoop can be seen.

If you use a Mac you can download the Montessori font here. I printed out the letters then traced round them onto iron on felt, then ironed them onto the pouches, I also pressed the flap so that it folded down better. I did the letters in two batches rather than one at a time. I found that I could do 2 pouches a night, most nights and sometimes managed to do one during the day if BabyEbi was engrossed in his work/play.

It did take quite some time to do the whole lot but as I was making them I had them in a box in the living room, BabyEbi was wanting to look at them all the time and not just one pouch, we had to go through all the ones I had made. This was a great motivator for me, seeing how much interest he has in them and then how he is interested in the objects inside. He also tries to trace the letter on the front, like you would do with the sandpaper letters.

I had mentioned about doing a miniatures swap but I had completely forgotten that we are moving house in the next few weeks (how did that slip my mind?) so I will have to put that on hold until after the move, hmm but then I go back to the UK until Oct 9th. If people are still interested in doing that and can hang on a while, I will organise it at a later date, I think my husband will kill me if I take on something else just now!

That is going to be it for major projects for now, I might have a couple mini's, just to keep me busy hahahaa.

Thank you all again, if you have any questions, leave me a comment.

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  1. you are so creative. Those are awesome. I wish I had such artistic skill!

  2. I saw these some time ago. Now I'm going to make them for my granddaugher.

  3. I usually keep 5 objects in at one time and try and swap them around every now and then. I usually organise a miniatures swap once a year which is a great way to increase objects. Other good sources are the charity shop and your parents houses, get everyone you know looking for small things that they don't need. My aunt gave us a pile of doll house things that were great. There are photos of the finished pouches and objects here

  4. so so so awesome! thank you so much!


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