Thursday, 18 October 2007

Unveiling of BabyEbi's room

Finally, we have finished! (I tell a small lie, I haven't done theinside of the closet yet...)
When I was thinking of how to do his room, I wanted something
fun, somewhere to play, sleep and relax. Somewhere that would stretch his imagination but would also be his special place, I also wanted a theme which started out as jungle and ended up "under the sea" partly because he loves fish and penguins and partly because there were so many cute fishy things available. However we did the room it needed to grow with him, so nothing too permanent.

So here we are... (click on the picture to make it bigger)
View from the door
We wanted a custom made bed but couldn't afford it, so this is an Ikea one, Mr Ebi built a rail for the top to make it safer but then forgot that his son wasn't teenage size and could fall through the gap in the posts! So we added the net, which looks loose but is well fixed and has the added touch of looking like fishing net.

The view of the balcony and fukinuke windows
Just love that anchor! The pictures are giant wall stickers the advantage of these is that thy can be peeled off and moved or just taken off for good when he has grown out of fish. initially I was going to paint the walls but ran into no end of problems so opted for the sticker for an easy life.
I rather unconventionally put the thick curtains behind the net ones since the nets are cute and the regular curtains are just plain blue blackout one, so the room still looks good when the curtains are closed.

This is taken inside the bed
The shelves also act as steps (also Ikea but they were out of actual shelves so the rest of books are still waiting to go in) the draws have all his wooden train set pieces, he can take them out by himself but needs a bit of help getting them back in.

This is the other end of the bed, there was a gap between the wall and the bed so we used some Ikea Stripa shelves to fill the gap and make little shelves for his special things. The wallpaper on these walls is really lovely, they are like little bubbles, some a silver the others shades of blue.

View from the bed looking into the room, wavy mirrors, how cool are they?

The bed, I made the curtain it is attched using velcro so I can take it off when he goes to bed. It was inspired by Hoorah for Fish by Lucy Cousins - one of BabyEbi's favourite books, he picked out "grumpy fish" and "little fish" to go on it, the rest were made up as I went along. I did intend to sew 'spikes' to the yellow coral but just haven't got round to it, one day....

Somewhere to hide or read

He actually loves climbing onto the top of the bed and watching what is going on out of the round window, it has been quite exciting this week because there have been diggers, big drilling machines and cement mixers!
We had the light switch put lower in his room so he can already turn it off and on and there are two wall lamps, a seahorse and seashell that he can do himself too. I wanted all his things to be low down so that he can reach them himself, hence the shelves/steps, this is why the closet is taking me some time to organise. I want him to be able to choose which clothes to wear plus be able to reach the toys he wants to play with. I decided that his Montessori equipment would mostly be in the spare room which opens up into his room and I have set up a small practical life shelf in the kitchen, I will be able to expand that once we can get into the pantry.

So, BabyEbi is a big boy now and sleeps in his own room, we had a few tears the first couple of nights but now he loves it.
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