Tuesday 16 October 2007

Step back in time....

A couple of weeks ago when we were back in the UK my best mate came to stay so we could catch up proper (the hen night involved too much cheese, wine and dancing!), mom suggested we went to The Ceramic Experience so off we went. It was great, all three of us had fun in the ball pool - luckily there were no other kids about otherwise they would have been in stiches laughing at Di and me screaming as we went down the slide! BabyEbi picked a penguin to paint so I did a sea turtle and Di some romantic hearts - well it was her wedding a few days later. Once you have finished you leave them to be fired and pick them up the next day, I was very impressed with the final items. They also hace a cafe which is reasonably priced, I think for the three painted items, tea for two and juice it came to about fourteen pounds, not bad really. Mom was working that day and so she missed out, she really wanted to go so I suggested she took BabyEbi another day, they painted something special for DaddyEbi's birthday, can't say what yet.... but here is the penguin

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