Thursday, 25 October 2007

what to do?

OK here is the dilema.
I have about half a million yen set on one side purely for Montessori. I thought about opening my own little school but my weak Japanese will be a major problem and I can't afford to pay someone to help me on the that side - no, dear hubby can't do it, he works long enough hours as it is.
If I wanted to set up a business it would mean making nearly all the materials because I won't have spare cash to buy them, initially I thought it would be quite easy to do but the more I think about the less confidence I have in myself to actually do it!
The alternative is to buy a good amount of materials for babyebi and just teach him at home, spend less time making stuff and hopefully free up some time to make money from home. I would like babyebi to go to kindy once or twice a week so he can get to play with Japaense kids his age but then I will have to have some kind of income to do this.
The easy option - and my least favourite would be to go back to teaching English.

Oh I don't know.

sorry, confused and indecisive!!
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