Wednesday, 30 January 2008

My goodies have gone to the shop...

My friend Kim has a little shop shop called Past and Present where she sells things like antiques and collectibles, natural home decor and handmade goods. She asked me to make to make some goodies so I have been busy sewing etc. I quite like this idea because I can fit around BabyEbi, do some cutting here, sewing there, hand-sewing in the evening whilst getting my dose of CSI and I also get my daily creativity fix.
The hardest part was deciding on the prices, thank you to everyone who gave me pricing suggestions, it made it much easier once I could take an average.
I made this little display for my buttons, magnets and pins....

Finally, I have worked out how to use the button hole gadget on my machine so I made a couple of button up fish, babyEbi has a set of these and they are popular with him.

Bibs with bunnies in matching bags

baby twiddlers

and crayon roll, this was hard to let go because I love this fabric.

There are also tote bags, happy bears and pixie hats
I also wanted to make some valentines goodies but didn't have time.
If you would like to buy anything you can contact Kim through her website, don't worry if you don't speak Japanese because she speaks English (and Chinese). The shop hours are a bit odd at the moment because she is pregnant but hopefully all will go well the next couple of months before the baby comes along.
Finally - if you are a Saitama crafter, she is also looking for more handmade goods to sell on consignment, if you are interested either drop me a line and I will put you in touch or contact her directly through the website.

A couple of more days until the next swap announcement, keep tuned....
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