Monday 28 January 2008


I was over on How about orange... and saw she had a post on Papercraft.
(she also has some lovely new fabric that she has designed, if only I could get my hands on some of that...)
This is a great site but all in Japanese, don't let that put you off, if you click on the menu pictures (on the picture that look like a bookshelf) it will take you to another page with individual pictures items, click the picture you like. Either next to, or below the picture are some buttons, the top one is the PDF file of the craft to download, the second button is the PDF instructions and you don't need to worry about the third button.
Although I really fancied doing the fruit and veg shop I decided to start off easy and do the bento box instead. Of course the glue I was trying to use was rubbish and everything kept getting unstuck so I resorted to sellotape and then BabyEbi kept demanding to play with the bits before I had finished them but this is the finished result before it all got trashed 10 minutes later! maybe I will do the shop when he is in bed.

If you are really into this kind of thing then have a look at papercraft-world it certainly has something for everyone.

On another note, we have just found a great pincer finger exercise. The pincer fingers are the ones you use for holding a pencil and so it is important for children to work these muscles to prepare them for writing. Many Montessori exercises such as the cylinder blocks and metal insets use these muscles. Anyway, my pepperball was empty so after buying some pepper today BabyEbi filled it for me, took him forever, the sweetie. He picked up one pepper ball at a time, they are quite small and filled it up, luckily for him I only have the mini crushed. Might be a while before he gets to do this exercise again since I don't use that much pepper.


  1. thank you for your lovely blog. I was wondering how old is your baby ebi. I have also the NAMC montesori diploma and I teach French in MOntessori School in North Vancouver Canada. I like your ideas.. I did not know the IFIT website and i was surprised to see that i don't leave that far from them...

  2. me again sorry, i did not preview my message and I found mistakes! oops, lack of sleep..(not good for a teacher ;)

  3. Hi, don't worry about the mistakes, I am sure I have hundreds of them!
    T answer you question, BabyEbi is now two and half, not really a baby anymore - more a toddler Ebi, but that is too long to type every time hahaha.


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