Wednesday, 27 February 2008

The Chief - Malc.

I have been meaning to write about this for a while but couldn't be bothered to get the photos out and sit scanning them in. Well, this last week I had some bad news and it spurred me into action.
I found out that an old uni friend, Malc had passed away, he had been sick for a long time and had to under-go three lots of brain surgery in an attempt to remove a tumour. I lost contact with Malc years ago, you know how it is but he will always be remembered as one half of M&M's.
M&M's was a big 70's disco held every 3 weeks or so at the uni, I wasn't really into it at first, not really my cup of tea but, my best mate asked me to make her a pink fun fur dress for the up-coming Valentines event. Now, back then I didn't have a machine and so I hand sewed the little number, with matching bag and one drunken night we decided to paint her Docs pink too (with some paint we found in the cellar). The dress was a big hit and from that I somehow got roped into making more outfits. Saturday morning I would go down to the commie building, DJ Dom would give me an allowance and tell me how many outfits he needed and off I would go and make them (using his machine). I had a couple of basic patterns which I would use and adapt and a fantastic store next to the uni - Bombay Stores which stocked every kind of fabric imaginable. Before I knew it I was working with Dom and Malc and a few others to help organise the whole event. At it's peak the tickets would sell out quicker than you could say "Dancing Queen, young and sweet, only seventeen", we had an elite group of dancers and a VIP section which everyone wanted a pass for. Each event would have a theme such as Cops and Robbers, Outer Space, In the Jungle etc. Many a ridiculous outfit was made, many a tequila was slammed and many a good night was had.

So, for those who haven't already done so, raise your glass of tequila to Malc, the Chief.

Enjoy the pictures, I have not named names - you know who you are! But feel free to leave a comment or two :o)
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