Thursday, 28 February 2008

Taste Testing

Taste Testing For Kids

Yesterday we did a tasting exercise, it was fun and a great sensory activity. This is how we did it...

I set up samples of different food in an ice-cube tray

I also made four cards reading "sweet", "sour", "bitter" and "spicy"

I drew a small picture on each card to help him remember which was which. I was going to do "salty" too but other than salt itself I didn't have anything suitable to put out to taste!

First I introduced the cards one by one and gave him a small amount of food to represent each one so I knew he understood which was which.

Then he sampled the foods and decided which "taste" they were (this was really funny when he had bitter or spicy, the faces he pulled!) even though some of them he didn't like he still went ahead and tried the others, he is quite the adventurer with food!

When he had finished sampling to food we cleaned up and then made a book.

He had four pages and we looked for foods that would be suitable for each page and stuck them on, made a front cover which he wrote his name on, punched some holes in the side and tied it with ribbon.

Luckily BabyEbi LOVES food and trying new things so he really enjoyed this exercise, I imagine a fussy eater wouldn't be happy about doing it at all.

Let me know if you tried this and how it went down.

Before bath time he got out his kids encyclopedia, he has only had it a couple of weeks and he loves it, he spends hours looking at it. Anyway, we got to the last page which was the index and he asked " What these words and numbers mean"?

So I explained it was an index to help find a certain page and showed him how to look up something, such as crab. Well, you would have thought I was doing some kind of amazing magic trick, we would pick something, look up the page number and taadaa there it is on the right page.

He was amazed by it, totally enthralled, needless to say he was late going in the bath because we were so busy looking things up!

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