Wednesday, 2 April 2008

my camera has died

so photos will be taken with my phone for now :o(

A couple of days ago my IFIT order arrived, it took quite a while to unpack it all and BabyEbi was so excited to open it all.
Today I gave him the presentation with the geometric solids
(image from the IFIT website)

it came to the part where he placed different pieces on top of one another to make a 'castle' type structure. He looked at it and said
"like my puzzle"
which puzzle I asked
"my puzzle downstairs, like the picture on my puzzle, wait there, don't move, I get it"
and off he went, I sat there scratching my head trying to work out what he meant. He came back with his animal world map puzzle that my mom had given to him. On the map is a picture of St Basil's Cathedral in Russia, he pointed out and compared it to the structure he had built and it did look similar - sorry, no photo's. After we had put the solids away I got on the computer and printed a picture of St. Basil's, he spent a lot of time studying it, saying it was beautiful then pointing parts out and commenting like "this looks like a pineapple, a strange pineapple"
Sometimes, his powers of observation just blow me away.
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