Monday, 23 June 2008

I am not a super-mom!

I had an email this week from a mom asking me how I manage to organise myself and make so much stuff at the same time. Well, I thought I should confess.....I am NOT organised, as I type this, it is 8.14am, Babyebi and I are still in our PJ's, the house looks like a disaster area, the dirty breakfast dishes are still on the table, the clean dishes still in the dishwasher. The laundry needs hanging, the floor needs vacuuming, putting it all down in black and white is making me feel quite ill!

I do the chores, babyebi helps, he likes helping although I would probably get it done quicker by myself. I usually have a rough plan for the day, very much depends on the weather though, all my shopping and errands on done on the bicycle with babyebi on the back and I AM a fair weather cyclist which means if the weather is crap, i don't go out in it and the errands don't get done.

I am not organised enough to do 'themed' weeks and I am often putting new work together as we go up to the Montessori room. I am also impulsive, if I have an idea or see something I want to try I have to do it right now!

I am pretty slack when it comes to the house work, I can always find something more interesting to do although it is a bit more fun now I have my helper.

Like everyone I have bad days, sleepless nights with Babyebi, his tantrums to contend with, don't let that cute face kid you, this boy can make John Mcenroe look like an amateur and so I don't tend to blog about all the crappy bits. I know a couple of other blogging moms have touched upon this subject recently, for me the blog is a little slice of what goes on in the Ebi household, a nice polished version, it all happens but the not-so-good bits are edited out.

The Blogworld is a nice place to be, it is filled with lovely, well behaved kids, who never throw a tantrum or kick and scream, only make photo worthy messes and get up to lots of cute things that make you smile. Bloggy moms are organised, well prepared, creative and kind, they never loose there temper, their house is always spick and span and they manage to bake fresh bread every morning, sew all their families clothes and tend an organic garden, of course they do this in between homeschooling 7 kids and running their own Etsy shop. Yes, the blogging world really is a lovely place, but when I shut down the computer I will back in the real world with very real dirty dishes and dirty floors *sigh*
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