Wednesday, 16 July 2008

back to practical life and onto workbooks

Recently BabyEbi has shown little interest in spooning type activities but he spotted a jar of marbles I had bought and wanted to get his hands on them. I popped them into a basket and got out my African mancala set (removed the beads that came with it) and had him spooning and sorting at the same time.

I also bought some coloured cubes to add to the ice cooking, I had been looking for those plastic freezer cubes/shapes but couldn't find any and thought these cubes would be just as much fun. They haven't made to the ice cooking session yet but he did enjoy using bamboo pincers to sort the cubes.

Then when I was sorted through the pantry I found my box of teaching books, mainly phonics books, so I had a look through to see if there was anything that BabyEbi would like in there. I re-discovered Fox in a Box, it is a ladybird book and the first one of 4, I think. BabyEbi got it out and had a look through, one of the pages concentrates on the starting sound of words, up to now he just didn't 'get it' but suddenly the penny dropped, I don't know if it was the introduction of different materials or what, but he got it. Then he tried the jigsaw words, these are quite good, they have to find the letters to spell the word and place them on the line, if they get it right the jigsaw fits together so it is self correcting, he did a few of these too.

Before bath time last night he picked up another book from the pile, it is actually for pre-reading, lots of left to right activities, matching, spotting the odd one out etc. He wanted to do some so he did the first couple of pages and before I knew it, he had plowed his way through to page 20 at that point I decided we should leave the rest, his concentration was going and he was starting to make silly mistakes. He said he didn't want to stop, it was fun, but luckily I was saved by the bath! (Our bath sings when it is ready!) Many Montessorians are against work books but I decided that as long as it is something he enjoys doing then I don't have a problem with them, I'm not going to sit down and force him to do 10 pages a night! He also enjoys doing the worksheets from Learning Pages, I used to use this site all the time when I was teaching, it's great.
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