Friday, 4 July 2008

a new bag for me!

As much as I love sewing, I hate cutting out, it takes me such a long time to actually getting round to cutting anything out, the sewing time is minimal in reality! Anyway, I bought this fabric a while ago and the spotty lining fabric I got ages ago but couldn't decide what to use it for. I made a horse bag a while ago, and I love it but it isn't quite big enough for Japanese lesson day and other days when I have to take out more than the usual bag essentials. So, much to hubbys disgust (he thinks everyone woman only needs ONE bag!) I whipped up this little beauty yesterday morning and I love it, maybe even more than the horse bag.
I cut the flap in the shape of the fabric design and it looks so cute, the photo isn't great and the lighting is awful today - sorry.

Here is the inside, pockets for my purse, mobile and wipes and a clip for my keys

I was chuffed to get it finished before we went to see Kym's baby, he is 6 weeks old now, babyebi was smitten and before anyone asks, NO babyebi won't be having a baby brother or sister!

I made a great bag for Kym but she made me promise not to blog about it but instead draw up a pattern, it took me such a long time to make the first one - basically because I hadn't a clue what I was doing and just a rough sketch to follow, maybe a second one would be easier, hmm would need lots more cutting out though :o(

SWAP notes - BillyBojenny, if you are still interested in the swap send me your details, I have another person to team you up with.


  1. I really admire one-off creations! Loving it! Strawberry

  2. Having one kid and being able to give them all of your attention is great. Don't feel pressured to have another! Of course, I say this from the standpoint of having two boys who drive me crazy. :) But I love them both anyway.


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