Thursday, 14 August 2008

more phonics miniatures

Our final parcel arrived from Canada, thank you Linda! Of course the steam train postcard was a BIG hit and the mini watering can, Ebi-kun has a thing about watering cans, not sure why but he loves them :o)

I was thinking or organising another swap for September maybe, any ideas of what to swap this time?


  1. These swaps are great! I hope you recycle some later on for us new readers!

    Ideas for swaps: Classical Composers or Famous Artists.
    Items no bigger than a shoe box maybe?
    Info about Artists Baskets:

    Example items for Classical Composers: CD of the Composer, small map and/or flag of where the composer is from, picture card of the composer, information card about the composer.......

  2. I'm glad it arrived safely! I thought the two boys (my other swapper had a boy too) would like the train!

  3. Hm -- swap ideas --
    Items of a certain color, perhaps?

    Our children's favorite art supplies?

    Culinary items (small kitchen tools, gadgets, etc.) geared towards kids?

    Our little ones' favorite books (paperbacks)?

    Music from a certain country or time period?

  4. Hi Jojo, I found your blog recently and I'm thankful for the great ideas you share with us. I also have a blog (english/spanish)and talk about my homeschooling experience with my 3 boys.


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