Tuesday, 21 October 2008

Brooch making workshop

So, next Thursday I am doing a couple of workshops at Kyms shop for her closing down 'celebration' - she doesn't want a doom and gloom kind of end to her shop.  I started off with cute, fun designs but then Kym reminded me that many of her customers like vintage things so I needed to change the style a bit, the first one I made used some vintage lace but I just didn't like it, so that idea was binned and these are the 3 new designs....

I am off to my Japanese class today so I will pick up more felt when I am in town, I am limited to the 3 brown shades at the moment (which I had actually bought for making food with!). These are the cute designs that the customers can pick from, all the designs are fairly straight forward so easy for beginners, I think the cute designs would make good stocking fillers for beginner sewers. I will be adding then to the shop when I get all the bits printed out. I have to say a special Thank you to 'Princess' Yoshiko for all the translation work, she is amazing :o)

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