Monday, 17 November 2008

Seguins Teens boards

I made these the other day, they are just 2 pieces of wood then I glued the wood strips across to make ridges to hold the numbers, took me about 10 minutes. The numbers I did on the computer, they are in Flickr if you want to download them, here and here. I didn't stick the numbers to the boards so that I can reuse the boards as Sequins tens boards afterwards.
Sequins teen board is to help reinforce the numbers 11-19, Ebi-kun can count way past 19 but seeing the numerals throws him. We started with the first three 11, 12 and 13. Next time I will add a couple more numbers, he wasn't really interested but he could see I had taken the beads out too. I told him that when he knows all the numbers he can use them with the beads, the beads are such a motivator at the moment.

And here is one of the little creations I have been working on for Christmas presents, I can't show you everything because the new owners read this, but these little chaps are for a little boy I know, made from wool felt, they are lovely and soft, feel much nicer than snow!



  1. Jo.........those snowballs are SO CUTE!!! What a great idea! He will love them. If he doesn't, send them to me! LOL :0)

  2. I have been trying to get a hold of the teen board for my daughter. I think I will make one as well. Great idea and those snowballs are just too sweet! Thanks for sharing.

  3. how could i have missed this! these snowbals are stinking cute!!!

  4. Great job on the teens boards! Without a whole roomful of children you don't need two of these, one for teens and one for tens. Good thinking!


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