Monday, 22 December 2008

Holiday traditional exchange

I signed up for Meg's swap again this year and landed myself a great partner, Christina. She sent me this cute garland of felt mittens that spells out happy Christmas, the photo is a bit rubbish, I couldn't find a good spot to I could get it all in!

Also, a coupld of recipes, a hand made dish, chocolates (always a winner), cute pen that lights up when you write, a Pez that Ebi-kun got his hands on and I haven't seen it since and a CD of Elvis Christmas songs. Fab! Of course, I completely forgot to take photo's of what I send duh!
Although, i did take a photo of this the other day, can you see what s odd about this building?
and if anyone knows why, I would LOVE to know.

Of course, the stockings are still a paper draft, I have Ebi-kuns Doctors scrubs to sew, wrap my cousins presents before she gets here, finish of a couple of other sewing projects and clean the whole house, so  I really should turn off the computer now...
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