Wednesday 24 December 2008

A day trip to Tokyo

Yesterday we had a playgroup trip to Tokyo, we have done this for the last three years and is always good fun but a loooong day!
We started off at the Hobgoblin British pub in Shibuya, the good thing is that we get there at opening time so the place is empty so t is OK if the kids run riot since there is no one to upset!

The kids dancing to Christmas tunes
Once we were all fed and waterered (or beered as the case was) we went up to the metropolitian kids hall, which is a 5 floor play centre that is free and they have lots of activities on for the kids to do. There are indoor climbing frames and a body maze, lots of craft activities on the go, there was an Alpine concert and a clown show. We did the clown show, it was funny because it is the first time Ebi-kun has seen a real clown. He was half interested, half terrified but at the end he plucked up the courage by himself to go and shake her hand. We then went to explore and I discovered this time that there is a music room, where the kids are allowed to play on whatever they want, not really the place you want to be after a couple of beers. Ebi-kun REALLY wanted to get on the drums and had to wait a long time, he was too polite and so bigger kids were jumping the queue. He was so happy once he got to thrash them!

Our final plan was to go onto Shinjuku to see the lights but all the kids (and adults) were exhausted so everyone headed home. I had some last minute shopping to do, so we stopped off on the way home, daddy-ebi took Ebi-kun to a cafe to have some dinner whilst me and my cousin, who has come for Christmas ran round and grabbed the last bits. (Apparently, I was supposed to buy Ebi-kun a present from his Japanese grandparents but hubby had forgotten to tell me, hence the last minute dash!).
We headed home, we have to change trains in Omiya so we stopped off to look at the lights there, it was enough to keep little-one happy. We got back about 8pm, all shattered, a good day was had by all.

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