Tuesday, 17 February 2009

done and dusted!

Remember this?

Well, it now looks like this!
The cupboard is quite deep, so I put shelves at the back for my stash.

Then used these blue boxes for all my crafty gubbins, I discovered that I have lots of zips, elastic and bias binding, just that they were scattered all over the place so I would always thing I was about to run out and buy more! The boxes are easy to lift out so that I can get at my stash and I have beautiful labels on them all, oh so very organised :o) I managed to get my spare blankets up on the top shelf and I also sorted out all the Montessori stuff, I discovered that I have a big box worth of baskets and trays of every shape and size. I labelled all the boxes so hopefully I can find what I am looking for in the future without going through all the boxes muttering 'I know it is here somewhere'. And that green and yellow checkered thing to the right is my ironing board, yes, it really is that small, it is useless for ironing clothes (not that I do unless it is a suit/dress shirt) but it is just right for sewing projects.

I even managed to sort out my crafty corner of the dining room and most of that has gone into the boxes in the cupboard, the only things left to do is go through my old clothes and sort through the big box of fabric scraps....
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