Monday 16 February 2009

2009 Phonics Swap & bags

Everyone should have had their packages by now, I hope it all went well. I know a couple of people changed the details between themselves and that some new friendships have been made too - which is great!
My swap partner Schelle, was a late comer, I wasn't actually going to join the swap this time but didn't want her to miss out, I am so glad I decided to swap because we got some fab little goodies. Ebi-kun went straight for the lion and I love that little necklace.
P.S. Montessori has blogged about her swap here and What We Did We Do All Day blogged here, here and here! Montessori Spanish blogged about hers here
***update*** more swaps over at Our Montessori Story and DAng Adventures has started making her own pouches.
Once Inch World has her swaps up, I love the box idea for storing them all in.
If you joined in the swap fun and have blogged about it please send me the link. It is great to see what everyone else sent, there have been a couple of 'light bulb' moments when I wondered why I hadn't thought of that :o) For those just starting to build up their miniatures collection, I did a tutorial of sorts for the phonics pouches I made, they were easy but because I hand sewed  them it took me about 3 weeks to do the lot, on the machine I could have done then much quicker!
I also managed to get some sewing in, I made this bag for the shop, I need to take some decent photos first though. It is super cute, I am tempted to keep it but I think hubby with throw me out on the street if I introduce another bag to the closet.

That said, I also tried to make another bag, I have had the idea in my head/sketch book for a while and I finally got round to making it, it wasn't a total disaster but it didn't come out as planned, I have had to lengthen the strap and it didn't sew up quite right. I think I figured out what was wrong, so I will try another one, I'll show you when I have got it sussed. I tried the test bag out yesterday and it is really comfortable and quite roomy.
We have had glorious weather over the weekend, warm and sunny, we went to the local park on Saturday and yesterday we met up with friends for a farewell picnic, it was lovely to be outside in the warm air again except Ebi-kun wasn't feeling well and we ended up having to leave early with him running a fever :o( He didn't want to leave though and kept saying he wanted to stay with his friends. We had a sleepless night and I am hoping he will want a nap very soon, because I could certainly do with one!

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