Saturday, 14 February 2009


A group of us went for lunch and karaoke on Wednesday (it was a national holiday so the days were off work too). One of the families will be going back to Oz at the end of this month, that is one of the drawbacks of this international living, you make great friends and then they are off and you have to start over again. Of course we will keep in touch and they will be back at some stage since daddy is Japanese and his family are here but all the same it is going to be sad to see them go.
It was the first time some of the kids had been to karaoke, luckily they have a drink-as-much-as-you-like for 2 hours (for the adults, I should add!) which certainly helped considering the quality of some of the singing LOL.
This is R-chan and she is the funniest babe ever, she comes along to our Japanese lesson and I spend half my time pulling faces at her because she pulls them right back at ya! She cracks me up.

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